• Talent standard: with good morality, talents and aim.

    Philosophy in employing talents: Equality, care...

  • Located in Min hang Economic & Technological Development Zone,the base of Science & Technology Industrial area of Shanghai, China. Shanghai Lenpure Instruments Co., Ltd. is a new & hi-tech shareholding enterprise that integrates environmental test facility's R&D. production and marketing.


  • Step into nonstandard laboratory and help boost China Aerospace.

    Through many selections, Linpin has become outstanding from the cutthroat competitions among lots of famous manufacturers in China and in the world and won the bidding. A group of low-temperature storage test chambers are ordered to be used for the storage of hydrogen-nickel batteries on shooting ranges and for activation tests within the activation time.

  • Simulate natural working condition to safeguard scientific research cause.

    Our company has already cooperated with many branch institutions, directly affiliated units, co-construction units of Chinese Academy of Sciences and holding companies in which Chinese Academy of Sciences directly has invested, for nearly one hundred times. Shanghai Linpin Instruments Co., Ltd has already become the first choice of brand for environment test equipments of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

  • Environment test chamber provides facilities to educational units.

    Linpin has years of experiences in cooperating with old schools with the history of a hundred years. Both parties have reaped in not only interests but also friendship and moving happiness. Linpin hereby wishes all teachers who are tireless in teaching students “foster students under the heaven and train talents throughout China”!

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